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Our customers come first and we love hearing back from everyone who cherishes their paintings for many years to come. Here are just a few of our clients reviews and let us know if we can help you. Contact Laura

pet painting of dog "Casey"

Laura was able to capture the incredibly unique expression of our dog “Casey” in a way that I had never seen before. She was a treasure to us and there will never be another like her.

After seeing the finished portrait of Casey, we immediately decided that Laura needed to do a portrait of our dear backyard horses. They are retired and older but she made them look fantastic. She was able to use a photo I had taken years ago and rework the background, fencing etc to create a beautiful setting. Everyone that comes to our home comments on the beauty of both portraits. Laura is a joy to work with and has a unique talent!!
C. Rock

Pet portrait of dog Harley

Laura is quite the talent and super easy to work with! She perfectly captured Harley’s puppyhood and playful spirit. We’ve enjoyed it so much that I had Laura do one for a friend after her Quincy died. She was thrilled!
F. and A. Jones
We wanted to give Toby’s “parents” a portrait of him. I live half a continent away from Laura so I was naturally concerned that my iPhone photography skills wouldn’t capture Tobys personality or that the photos wouldn’t translate. Laura wasn’t going to ever meet him so how could she possibly capture his quirky, goofy personality? She encouraged me to trust the process so I sent a couple of candid shots to her. After just a few messages back and forth she delivered a gorgeous portrait that absolutely reflects this gentle boy’s spirit. The process was easy, the results were stunning, and Laura was a dream to work with. Thank you!!
M. Kalin
Laura painted our chocolate lab puppy Buck. The painting is absolutely amazing. It captures everything about our dog. I had Laura do this for my husband’s Christmas gift. He loved it and even got a little chocked up about it. Thank you Laura for such a beautiful painting. We love you!
Mickey Ward
Laura was able to capture the beauty and soul of our wonderful Cavalier. Her skill and technique is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone.
D. Winspear
Laura has been photographing our dogs for years to use in our annual Christmas card. She was even able to successfully photograph our dog Sam who was very camera shy. Sam is no longer with us, but I can still “see” him through her photos! Her photographic quality is fantastic and she is very good with her sometimes uncooperative subjects. When we had a most recent portrait of our dogs framed, there were people asking if the portrait was for sale while it was sitting out waiting for us to pick it up. We are always pleased with her work and would recommend her wholeheartedly.
R.J. and M. Watts

Jones Testimonial
Laura is quite the talent and super easy to work with! We love our painting of Harley. She perfectly captured his puppyhood and his lovable spirit. Thank you…thank you….thank you!
F. and A. Jones

Labasco Testimonial
Laura created a portrait of our Great Dane that captured her beauty and spirit. We will treasure it forever.
D. Labasco

Wortley Testimonial
Laura photographed and painted our Dog Cubie for Christmas 3 years ago. She captured “Her Spirit ” and her sweet nature so well! Cubie died that spring, but I have an 8×10 painting of her in my home office. I can look up every day and feel like she is right there with me. Yea Laura!!!!!
T. Wortley

Barber Testimonial
Laura took photos of my four very energetic dogs and combined them into one calm beautiful painted portrait that really captured the “signature” look of each dog. I couldn’t be more pleased.
L. Barber

Kline Testimonial
Laura Alton captures the heart and soul of your dog when she paints them. Every dog lover should know Laura and have her paint their pet’s happy face. She has done three dogs for me and I would recommend her work to anyone.
P. Kline

Jacobson Testimonial
Laura is such a gifted photographer and painter. She’s been shooting unforgettable Christmas cards for us every year. And this year she painted the most beautiful portrait of Bella and Bogie. Thanks to Laura, it’s a memory (or image) we’ll cherish forever.
K. Jacobson

Grosser Testimonial
My pet portrait was a surprise gift and is absolutely beautiful. Laura painted my little Beardie from a snapshot sent to her. She was able to capture her personality so well and the sparkle in her eyes says it all. I would recommend Laura’s work to everyone. Laura is so easy to work with and her photography and portraits are amazing.
L. Grosser

Wallace Testimonial
The likeness of our dog, Marley, that Laura created is so real. So many people who’ve come to our house comment on it. It warms my heart every time I look at it.
R. Wallace

Challgren Testimonial
Simply amazing! Laura’s flawless painting of Toh is not only beautiful and powerful, it speaks to me daily from atop the fireplace.

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