About The Artist

Artist, Laura Alton has always had a passion for animals. As a young girl, she brought home numerous homeless animals to raise. As an adult, this trend has continued and grown. Laura volunteers with Great Dane Rescue of North Texas and her house is the home to her Great Dane, Leon. She has donated numerous hours to rescue organizations, as well as many pieces of her art to animal rescue groups for fundraisers over the years.

Laura AltonStill looking for what truly inspired her life, Alton turned to painting and dedicated her business to her deceased Great Dane, Lucy. Everyone that knew Lucy, or even knew of her, knew the antics, trials, and tribulations that she had, and loved her even more for them. Although Lucy has crossed over the rainbow bridge, her unwavering spirit and love will live on forever in the hearts of those who knew her. Her right front paw print now adorns the logo of Laura’s art.

From the understanding that she has for animals and the love that they can bring to someone’s life, Laura can look into the eyes of the subject and capture the spirit of your beloved pet.

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